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Shayna Hornstein

Reg. Physical Therapist. Body-Oriented Psychotherapist. 

Shayna is a registered physical therapist (B.C.Reg.#271) and provides body-focused psychotherapy to lessen the impact that injury and chronic illness or pain have on people’s daily lives. She has always been curious about the body-brain link and how stress effects our movements, postures, health and well-being. Throughout her career, she has pursued education about treating the body’s response to overwhelming stress and trauma. This field has blossomed dynamically in the past decade. In 2008 she completed the trauma training with the internationally renowned Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute of Boulder, Colorado. Shayna continues to study and participate in Vancouver trainings as an assistant. Shayna has also designed and conducted qualitative research about the practitioner-patient relationship and has presented her work at national conferences.


Shayna will work with you to help you:

  • connect with your body “as your friend”

  • transform the pain

  • pick up early, subtle signals that tell you what your body needs

  • be able to rest and sleep when you feel tired

  • regain strength and flexibility in your body and in your response to life’s challenges

  • most past the imprint of this illness, injury or surgery and move ton work healing


Therapy combines hands-on techniques, active movements and mindful attention. Treatment sessions are typically one hour at a rate of $100/session. Many extended health benefits cover physical therapy/physiotherapy.

For Physical Therapy and Body Oriented Psychotherapy, please contact Shayna  Hornstein at: 
Phone: (604) 731-4076

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