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Qi Gong

Qigong is an exercise to regulate the mind and breathing in order to control or promote the flow of Qi. Since Qi plays an important role in the vital processes of the human body, the regulation of Qi flow is therefore use to preserve health and treat disease. 


There is a difference between Qigong and other forms of general physical exercise. While physical exercise isaimed at building up health or restoring physical functioning by enhancing strength, medical Qigong is focused on the mobilization of functional potentialities by regulating the mind.


In other words, physical exercise is purely somatic, while Qigong exercise helps to balance the mind, spirit and the body. Another important difference is that physical exercise expends energy by tensing the muscles and accelerating the heart beat and respirations, while Qigong works to ease, smooth and regulate breathing to balance and nourish energy in the body.

Qigong can be practiced while sitting still, standing upright, or lying on the back or the side. The basic requirement is to stay comfortable and relaxed.

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