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Mindful Physical Therapy

When you live with chronic pain, illness or disability, you are always adjusting to varied energy levels. You are often bouncing back from surgeries, treatments and procedures. It is stressful for anyone to figure out changing limits and when we feel under pressure, our symptoms get worse.


Stress lives in our bodies and tension patterns build up automatically, often without us noticing. The neck tightens, the stomach churns, the jaw clenches. Telling ourselves to ‘breathe’ and ‘let it go’ often doesn’t work to relax the muscle tension. And it certainly doesn’t settle our nerves. In these treatment sessions, we will find what does help to ease your unique muscle tightness patterns.  You’ll also practice ways to settle the tension on your own before it builds up.


Goals of treatment:


• Ease the pain, tightness and other symptoms

• Pick up early signals to catch the pain before it takes over

• Restore your sense of control

• Restore your ability to rest and sleep when you feel tired

• Regain strength, endurance and flexibility in your body and in your ability to respond to life’s challenges


A combination of active movement, hands-on techniques and mindful attention are used in these therapy sessions. 

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