Chinese Medicine

Human Being, Body and Nature

"As with-in, so with-out, as above, so below" 

Hermes Trismegistus


Wind, Dampness, Dryness, Heat and Cold, like in  Nature, the body is affected by extreme wind, dampness, dryness, heat, and cold. These same forces can derange balance within the human body, weakening or obstructing the movement of Qi in the organs. 


As winds shake the trees of the forest, disassembling leaves and branches, internal Wind manifests as vertigo, unsteady movement, and trembling. 


As wet and saturated earth generates swamps, so Dampness becomes phlegm and edema in the body. 

As lack of water withers vegetation and deserts, so Dryness causes chapping or cracking of mucus membranes, skin and organs dryness.

Just as cold and ice inhibits the rush of water in a stream, so internal Cold retards circulation and depresses metabolism. 

And just as fire scorches the earth, so internal Heat may inflame tissue, exhaust body fluids, creates heat on tissues, organs, blood heat and so on.

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