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Chinese Medicine

Human Being Contituents

TCM thinks that just as Nature contains air, sea, and land, the human body is comprised of Qi, Moisture, and Blood.


Qi is the animating force that gives us our capacity to move, think, feel, and work.

Moisture is the liquid medium which protects, nurtures, and lubricates tissue.

Blood is the material foundation out of which we create bones, nerves, skin, muscles, and organs.


Human beings also have psyche and soma, Spirit (Shen) and Essence (Jing).


Shen is the soul or immaterial expression of the individual.

Essence (jing) represents the body's reproductive and regenerative substance.


Chinese medicine (TCM) also does not separate the body from the mind, emotions, and spirit since it appreciates the impact of the unseen upon the visible. Even though it is impossible to touch or measure thoughts, emotions, and feelings they are acknowledged as inextricably linked to physiology, as each organ is linked to emotions.

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