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To make an appointment for this treatment please:

Contact Martha Colorado at

(778) 892-7207


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To make an appointment for this treatment please:

Contact Shayna Hornstein at

(604) 731- 4076


What to Expect During Your First Visit ?


Before treatment


You can download the intake pdf file, print it, and complete it before you come to the clinic or fill out the form at the clinic before your appointment. In this case please come 15 minutes earlier to allow yourself enough time to complete it,  settle down, and relax beforehand.

Make sure you have eaten a small snack or light meal ahead of time. Preferably,  do not drink any caffeine or alcohol before your appointment. The first consultation and treatment could take up to 90 minutes, so allow yourself enough time.

After treatment 


After an acupuncture treatment, avoid strenuous physical activity, heavy meals and alcohol intake for up to eight hours.


For the remainder of the day patients are asked to refrain from stressful activity that affects the areas worked on. This allows the body to fully assimilate the effects of the acupuncture. It is important to drink extra water during this time. 


After treatment, some patients are tired and take a nap or go to bed early. For a day or two after the treatment, there is sometimes a sensation of soreness or heaviness similar to what one feels after a strong exercise workout. Many patients do not notice any tiredness or soreness at all.


Have in mind that  there is a possibility of exacerbation of symptoms at the start of a course of treatment. The patients may find that in the short term after treatment, the symptoms may in fact get worse before an improvement sets in.  

Download intake form

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